High Voltage slave module – 14s to 210s system can be connected


The Moonitor14s Slave board operates in conjunction with a master Battery Management System (BMS), which can accommodate up to 15 slave modules. The BMS is specifically designed for Li-ion battery packs and comprises a distributed system for measuring cell voltage and temperature.

Master BMS link that works with this slave modules: link
The system includes a daisy chain connection, which can support up to 15×14 cells in series. can be any number of cells like 14, 28, 56, or 84 …… cells in series. In addition to cell balancing, the BMS can measure pack voltage and calculate state of charge (SOC).
The BMS features
low and high voltage alarm cutoff outputs,
built-in Wifi,
optional cloud monitoring,
Built in RS485 communication.
The BMS also offers an optional CAN communication output. (please get in contact)



The Moonitor14s Slave board comprises 1 to 15 sense boards arranged in a daisy chain configuration. Each sense board is installed atop a Li-ion cell bank, capable of measuring cell voltage and temperature.
Slave BMSs needs Master BMS moduleĀ  you can find it in our online shop.
The board includes a cell balancing function, which can be adjusted to any desired voltage level via a web-based settings panel. Communication of voltage and temperature data occurs through various channels, including Http web panel with Json sting exchange, graphical user interface, and RS485. The Moonitor14s Slave board is compatible with all lithium chemistry cells, with up to 15×14 cells accommodated on the daisy chain and monitored from a single dashboard. The system (if used with our master BMS module) features overvoltage cut, undervoltage cut, and over temperature protection via contactor driving output.


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