High Voltage BMS


This master BMS reads NXP type slave battery management system. All daisy chain data is readable including cell voltages and cell temperatures.
It communicates EV BMS systems

Communication protocols:
TPL BMS communication
Wifi-Http Request Json API (OpenSource)
RS485 Modbus RTU




Manage up to 880V with this BMS master controller and up to 15 slave controllers.

The minimum configuration is 1 master and one slave board.
For higher voltages the master board can handle up to a maximum of 15 slaves, just add on the required number of slaves for your project.

The master controller with its WiFi and MODBUS capability give on demand status and management.

The WIFI interface:
the maximum and minimum allowed cell voltages.
Enable balancing and the desired “stop balancing” voltage.
Slave address
Mode (RTU only at present)
Speed + Parity

battery Volts, State of Charge, Temperatures, Max Cell Min Cell status, Balancing status.

MODBUS interface:
Interrogate all individual cell voltages, board temperature and up to 6 optional temperatures.
Balancing enable/disable
Board Reset


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