It is not easy to maintain and sustain your renewable energy setup from distance right? We know the questions. I am going on holiday for a month, does my wind turbine working well? My solar panels are in good condition? What about my battery levels? How can I be sure about my energy setup is up and working during my holiday? How can I start my heating system after a long holiday just 1 day before coming back to home?

Well, these questions are not hard to answer for us!

Since our hardware and software are designed to be operated from distance, We feel super comfortable to offer you distance monitoring and operating capability for your devices.

Lets say you are going for a holiday and you are using Li-Ion storage, and you want to see your cell values on your cell phone anytime you want.It is pretty easy with our setup. You can see all your cells 6s, 7s, 8s, 9s, 10s, 11s, 12s, 13s, 14s 15s, 16s are what we are supporting. And also you can see your System Health, Current State, Last Event, State of Charge, Pack Voltage, Max cell Voltage, Min cell Voltage, 10 temperature readings from your setup (wherever you can place our temperature probes)

On top of it, we have

2 Digital inputs: for Alarms such as fire alarm, water alarm, humidity alarm etc.
2 Digital outputs: for fan control, emergency break or even for climate conditioning on and off.

Feel free for online demo for GUI panel, just send us a contact email and we will inform you with the process.

WHENEWER WE HAVE A SOFTWARE UPDATE, you can upgrade your system to uptodate version.