When we say clean we really mean it! Having clean energy from national resources is a dream for many of us. Sustainable houses, villages cities and even countries. Why not? Earth itself is a sustainable ecosystem, why humans can’t achieve sustainable and free energy from the sun? Wind? Geothermal? Well, it is absolutely possible. We only need to invest in the beginning to make it work and be safe. To make it work it is easy, solar panels, batteries and inverter will do the most of the job. But what about safety, reliability and availability?

Here are our solutions with the advance Renewable Energy Controllers for your energy setup.

Wait…, you can ask “why I need an advance controller for my setup”? You don’t need if you are next to your setup and controlling every hour if there is something wrong going on. Are battery levels too low? too high? so much current coming, so much current going, the temperature is too low, the temperature is too high, there is a water leak, there is a gas in the room… If you are next to your system and checking the problems continuously you may not need an advanced controller for your setup. But what if you are not there and something weird going on? We will be there to give you some time to sort out the problem.

Let’s talk about clean Electricity a bit more. We are based in Europe, ( Hardware & software – Italy and Software – Spain ). But we follow the trends around the globe. California is the state with the largest population and the largest economy in the United States and has some of the most aggressive renewable energy goals in there. The state is required to obtain at least 50% of its electricity from renewable resources by 2030. How will they achieve this? Since it is impossible to create such energy for everybody by the government. It is obvious that almost everybody will have solar/wind/geothermal … systems at their houses. For this reason, they are promoting people how is installing their own solar systems.[1]

Germany’s official governmental goal is to continuously increase renewables’ contribution to the country’s overall electricity consumption. Long-term minimum targets are 35% by 2020, 50% by 2030 and 80% by 2050. The country is increasingly producing more electricity at specific times with high solar irradiation than it needs, driving down spot-market prices[7] and exporting its surplus of electricity to its neighbouring countries.[2]

There are more countries which are supporting new installations, They even pay to you for your first investment ( well not all of it of course but it is a help anyway ).

Earth itself is a sustainable ecosystem, and humans can achieve sustainable and free energy from the renewable sources.
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